對象: 22 週歲以下 (1999年或之後出生)﹐男性﹐不限國籍
* 不論任何組織機構﹐只要身上無任何經紀合約則可
* 居住地區如非香港請註明





中英文全名 、 出生年月日 、 聯絡電話 、 高清正面近照( 無美顏 )


• 歌唱作品或影片 1 – 2 段 ( 包括但不限於流行曲及說唱﹐影片或音源長度約 3 分鐘)
• 舞蹈表演影片 1 – 2 段 ( 不限舞種﹐影片長度約 3 分鐘以下﹐需全身入鏡 )
• 如有其他個人才能﹐亦可附上相關的影片或檔案

* 必須提交歌唱及舞蹈兩項
* 請保證寄出的影片畫質清晰


其他相關的比賽經驗 、 表演經驗 、 音樂創作 、 模特兒作品等…

1. 1st Audition details


At least choose 1 from 4 :

Singing – a cappella songs (existing track / creative track / rap, etc.) (within 2 minutes)

Dance – any dance style (within 1 minute) and existing Kpop tracks (within 2 minutes)

Performance – instrument / mc / acting script / free speech (within 2 minutes)

Lyrics / Compose – submission of lyrics and compose Demo file


* You can upload the video(s) / file(s) with the above content to Youtube and set it to Non-Public

   OR to Google Drive and send us the Share Link.

* Dance, Singing and other Performance videos should clearly show the appearance and facial expression of the performer.


2. Application condition


Applicants: Hong Kong residents, regardless of gender and age, can apply.

Application Fee: None


* After the application, each applicant can not repeat the application within 24 days.


3. How to apply


Send the video(s) / file(s) of 1st Audition to with your profile

OR fill in and send us the application form.


* Profile including name, gender, year of birth, residence, height and weight.

* Audition details and profile must be complete, otherwise the application may be void.


4. 2nd Audition


You will have the opportunity to receive an email notification for the 2nd round audition when you have a good performance in the 1st round audition.


* You will not receive any email if you did not pass the 1st round.


5. Inquire


Email to


* The above email does not receive the application of recruitment, only for the Q&A session.