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Echo, the most popular performance group in the local market, has been invited to oversea tours on many occasions on behalf of the local community. We are also committed to providing the highest quality services for various enterprises.  We can provide to you from trainees, professional dancers, and even artists and choreographers. Appear in front of your audiences with the most professional image, and help your companies or organizations Greatly improved the acceptances.


Planning & Organizing

Selecting the overall event theme, negotiating hotel contracts, hiring the caterer, and developing the invitations


Book our professional choreographer and create the BEST in your event.


Reserving the location, coordinating the outside vendors, managing all the staff, and MOST importantly, resolving all the event situations on site.

32,000+ Global customers

Echo served over 32,000+ Corporates, organizations, government departments, schools, listed companies, etc.

22 Worldwide Prizes Winner

Echo participated in 38 worldwide events and won 22 worldwide prizes.

280+ oversea tour invitations

Echo received over 280 oversea tour invitations for corporate events and endorsements.

45M+ Reaches

Echo has over 45 million reaches in different aspects including PR, web flow and media, clients are pleased to increase their acceptance through Echo.


Public Performance

10 years of experience giving us the ability to do outstanding performances that can appeal to our audiences in all age groups and providing a wonderful experience for everyone to enjoy.

Corporate Performance

Professional in the field of performing arts, we are capable to adjust the theme and duration of the performance to perfectly suit your needs and requirements to help your brand and event to reach more audiences and to get better feedback.

School Tour

Widely popular among youngsters in Hong Kong ( local & worldwide ), we welcome all school tour invitations and further interact with our young audience.

our expertise

concerts, audience, spectators

Professional experience

Echo has provided premium shows and other businesses to more than 32,000 businesses worldwide services. We have a good reputation, and also positively recommended by many STAR customers. Echo had been repeatedly supported and recommended by the government & organization all around the world. We make sure that we will provide the highest level of the highest quality service experience to you.


Echo represented on behalf of local, Hong Kong and corporates and performed in different parts of the world. We can guarantee the goodwill of customers and institutions, most customers also choose to continue the cooperative relationship with Echo. We can provide the services and performances with the most confidence for all customers.

Improving visibility and corporate image

Customers who have cooperated with us provided the data on exposure and corporate image improvement. After cooperating with Echo, their acceptance increased by 11%-42%. We can definitely provide positive image and high-quality service experience for customers and institutions.

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