Echo Dance Studio

- Dance studio rental & training classes -

Based in Kwun Tong, Echo Dance Studio provides a ~700 square-feet multifunctional venue, with excellent sound equipment, full body mirror and anticollision dance floor.

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Our venue can be used for…

  • Dance class
  • Dance workshop
  • Kpop cover dance shooting
  • Rehearsals/ Practice/ Training
  • Performing arts class
  • Acting class
  • Yoga class
  • Sports exercise
  • Filming venue

With many years of KPOP cover dance experience, we have created many high quality productions. You may also book Echo’s professional filming, and/ or simple editing services.

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Room 703 A2
7 Floor
Sunbeam Centre
27, Shing Yip Street
Kwun Tong, Kowloon
Hong Kong

Latest events

Kpop Workshop

Kpop Dance Class

More about Echo Dance Studio

Echo Dance Studio is established in 2020. Despite being a new dance studio, EchodanceHK has been in the KPOP Dance cover scene for over 10 years. Our talents are well recognised and adored by people around the world, shown by our large following on instagram and subscription on Youtube.
Echo is determined to teach students of all ages from kids to adults to gain their confidence through dancing and also provide a welcoming environment for beginners to start their dance journey.

Awarded many times in KPOP Cover Contests, Echo is certain that we are able to teach our students how to do it right and compatible with the original KPOP choreography and production.

Echo Dance Studio 成立於 2020 年。旗下舞團 EchoDanceHK 已在 KPOP 舞蹈 cover 界活動超過 10年。旗下舞蹈團體 EchoDanceHK 於線上線下擁有相當的人氣,我們的實力在世界各地也得到認可和愛戴。
Echo 希望去教導從小孩到成人,所有

在KPOP COVER 比賽中獲獎無數,ECHO 十分有信心可以教導我們的學員如何跳的專業及合乎標準,甚至媲美韓國原裝舞蹈和製作。