About Echo

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Through 10 years of experience and dreams, Echo Ent. has successfully become one of the leaders around the world in different industries, including professional PERFORMANCES, PRODUCTION, DESIGN, and consultants of MARKETING.

Echo's History

Established on 26 Sept 2010. ‘EchoDanceHK’ is a Pop-music dance group based in Hong Kong. Echo is active on social networks like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. They were known for their professional production and Shooting technique.

  The crew raised public interest at an early stage and has been invited for multiple events performing and dancing competitions. Afterward, Echo Entertainment International Limited was formed. It aims for diversifying more of different artists groups which under the company. The company aims to develop the part of an artist’s management and it was a great success in the early stage. More talents came to join Echo and they have great development by the company.

  Until now, Echo Entertainment reached a number of 4,780+ in IP productions. Their productions had over 42 million reaches. Some well-known productions also get the world’s popular awards. These works even received compliments from different worldwide event organizers. After that more and more international event performance, invitations are sent to us. (China, U.S.A, South Korea, Singapore & UK, Canada, etc.)

  Besides live performance, Echo Entertainment also received invitations from sponsors and corporate to participate in different entertainment affairs.




Echo has over 45 million reaches in different aspects including PR, web flow and media, clients are pleased to increase their acceptance through Echo.



Echo reached over 36 countries in different oversea events.


Happy Clients

Echo has served over 32,000 clients including government departments, corporates, organizations & listed companies for over 10 years.



Echo received over 280 oversea tour invitation for corporate events and endorsements.



Echo Ent. produce over 4,780 IP including different sector, from video production, graphic, as to music, publication.


Worldwide Prizes Winner

Echo participated in 38 worldwide events and won 22 worldwide prizes.

Why choose Echo?

Echo will 100% deliver the BEST services you required from us. From corporate service to public service, from video production to graphic design, from event planning to performance, etc.

Echo’s service team has the most powerful service management technology. Feel free to send a ticket to us, we will reply to you in all the way ASAP.

Echo will give you the most satisfying result for your projects. No matter in any aspect of event, performance, design, branding, production, etc.

Echo has the most powerful award winning production team, which can give you all the creative solutions. Feel free to discuss your ideas with our teams.

Echo has the best ROI techniques that could solve your marketing and branding inquiries. We will make sure you have the best result for your investment.

Echo had committed all the satisfying projects from all types of clients in over 10 years. There’s always a way to meet your inquiries.

“Sounds caused by the reflection of sound waves from a surface back to the listener.”

With the name of Echo, we are getting feedback from you, and providing the most professional and comfortable experience for all clients and users, that also extends to all the customers of you.